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Registration and the circulation of books takes places at the registration desk on the ground floor. This is also where the borrowable literature, secondary materials, foreign language literature and bestsellers offering a light entertainment are located.

Audio, audiovisual and electronic documents (audio tapes, CD discs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, audiobooks) can be found in a catalogue, where you can check whether there are any borrowable copies.

Our patrons are entitled – for free – to the following services upon registration:

  • information about the services of the library and the library system
  • visiting the library
  • taking part in programs offered by the library
  • the use of search modules to map our collection
  • the use of documents within the library

Only our registered users can borrow books and other documents.

Registration requires a student card (for students), an identity card (for adults), or a passport (for citizens of foreign countries).

Registration lasts for one year, and it needs the following information on the registration form: name, mother’s name, place and date of birth, address, occupation, place of work, the number of the identity card or passport. Please also bring the documents that prove the authenticity of these pieces of information.

By signing the registration form, our users agree to observe the rules of the library. For a person without an income, we need a guarantee form from someone with an income.

The readers registered at the central library are entitled to use the branch libraries as well without any further registration.

Upon registry our readers get a library card, which they need to keep and use when visiting the library

You can only borrow books with a library card! The library card cannot be transferred to anyone else, our readers need to keep and show them when visiting the library.

Only 6 of each types of documents can be checked out at one time.

If the readers keep the document they borrowed for longer than the check out period, they need to pay an overdue fine.

The loan period can be renewed only before the books become overdue and if no reservation arrived for that specific document.

If anybody owes a document, or is due with a fine, they cannot check out any more documents from the library until these matters are settled!

A day ticket can be used by anyone who is not a registered user of the library, but wants to use its services, for example our internet services.

Tel.: +36 42 / 598 – 880


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Interlibrary Loan

This basic service is available for our registered users who accept the rules of  interlibrary loan. The collections of all the libraries belonging to the National Document Provider System (ODR) are available for our readers. This service is free when the documents arrive from Hungary, but if the documents can only be procured from libraries of foreign countries, our readers need to pay a fee specified by the library regulations. To ask for a document with interlibrary loan requires filling in a special form, onto which the identifying data of the documents need to be written, which can be found at the help desk. The sending library sets the rules for the use of documents. If the document was sent in photocopy form, then the user of the service needs to pay the fee of photocopying and postage, after which the document becomes their property.

Tel.: +36 42 /598 – 888 extension 173


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