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Help Desk

The use of the reading room for our registered users – in conformity to the letter of the law – is free. The use of books, current and archived issues of periodicals, CDs, CD-ROMs within the reading room is not limited by time.

Photocopying from periodicals depends on their physical state, photocopying from books depends on the copyright law and the physical state of the volumes.

Our adult readers above 16 can use the Internet for free on the computers located in the reading room for one hour. Each new hour costs a set fee regulated by the library services. With the Internet Use card, each hour costs a set fee regulated by the library services.



We can assist our registered readers with their essay writing tasks, research projects and undergraduate theses by compiling bibliographies for a given topic.


The Use of Electronic Databases

The use of the computer databases subscribed by the library (DVD Laws, PRESSDOK-HUNDOK), printing the search results, or printing statutes is possible for a minimal fee.


Information about the European Union

The special collection is comprised of books that can be used within the library, periodicals, and electronic documents. Our library offers a considerable amount of brochures rich in content for free.


Newspaper Reading Room

Dailies, weeklies, magazines, monthlies, and tabloids are available for circulation and for use within the library.


Periodicals Reading Room

The current issues of periodicals, and the back issues (20 years) of most important periodicals can be found here. The archived periodical collection of the library can be found in the storage rooms, but the volumes can always be moved up to the reading room upon request.



Tel.: +36 42 / 598 – 882


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