Reading is pleasure and good books delight us

If you come in our library you can browse not only among Hungarian ficton and non-fiction books, journals and newspapers but also among books in different kinds of foreign languages.

In the following blog I will recommend books on different levels and also some newspapers in English for those who learn the language, for those who want to take a language exam, for those who have free time and want to spare it in a useful way, also for young and old readers, for teachers, pupils and students, for almost everyone.

On the other hand I would also ask for your help, namely if you read a good novel, short story, poem, article, you can also recommend them for those who read this blog. As for me, here is a link, where you can read one of my favourite poems:
And here is one of my favourite quotations:
Medicine for the soul.’ ~Inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes.

There are some brilliant tales and stories in the Penguin Young Readers and in the Ladybird Books series for smaller children, who attend nursery or primary school and for those who like tales and want to develop their knowledge. In these kinds of books there are also some exercises with which you can enrich your vocabulary. What is more you can see the language level of the book on its jacket, which help you to decide whether you can read it or not.

Those who enjoy reading adventures, crime stories, romantic stories and sci fies are invited to read them in a simplyfied way, in the series offered by Longman Classics and in Penguin Readers.

As far as the books are concerned there are great many novels, short stories, poems, and journals in our library. Here are some interesting pictures related to this topic.

If you have some time please help me and write some suggestive, beautiful, interesting or
funny comment in connection with this topic. Thanks in advance.


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