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Local Knowledge Collection

The local knowledge collection accumulates, archives and researches

-        books

-        periodicals

-        school reports

-        printed materials

-        maps

-        postcards

-        photos

-        works of art

connected to the history of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county (the historical Szabolcs, Szatmár, Bereg, Ung and Ugocsa counties).

76.6% of the books are secondary resources, 23.4% are literary texts.

The significant amount of manuscripts submitted to the library include theses, dissertations, scientific research reports, which are also available to our visitors for use within the library.

With the help of modern microfilm readers and photocopying machines, the research of old county press materials, newspapers and periodicals became fast and simple.

Our searchable digital article database now contains more than sixty thousand entries, it is comprised of the articles of newspapers, magazines and scientific periodicals about the county from 1993 onwards.

The Szabolcs Collection is built up of the first editions of books written by famous authors who were born in the county: the collection includes 150 works from Zsigmond Móricz and 200 texts from Gyula Krúdy. This part of our collection can be enriched from buying books from used books stores.

Contact: Tel.:  +36 42 598-888, extension 131


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