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The Goethe Corner

On 27 February 2012 a festivity took place in our library during which Dr. Edit Morvai representing the Goethe Institute opened the Goethe Corner in our library. László Barabás, honorary consul, the president of the German Forum of Nyíregyháza, and Andrea Szász, the representative of the Hueber Publishing company also took part in the opening ceremony.

The Goethe Institute, the organization which donated the books of the corner, is a cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, which operates in many different countries of the world. Its aim is to promote the learning of the German language, and to facilitate international cultural cooperation. Furthermore it aims to convey an image of Germany from a cultural, social and political perspective. The Goethe Institute in Budapest was established in 1988, following the contract between the German and the Hungarian governments signed on 10 October 1987, which opted for the establishment of cultural and information centres in the two countries.

A very important area of operation of the Institute is the “Bildungskooperation Deutsch” (“Cooperation in the teaching of the German language”), and its aim is to facilitate the teaching of German in Hungary with the help of different partners. Its aims are:

- organizing courses for teachers of German

- giving information about teaching materials

- the popularizing of the German language with the help of different programs and materials

- the establishment and support of media collections for people interested in teaching and learning German

The Goethe Institute formed a German language collection first in the College of Nyíregyháza and the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Pedagogical, Cultural and Training Institute. After the college discontinued the training of teachers of German, and the collection was not used efficiently in the Pedagogical Institute, the Goethe Institute sought the help of our library, which gladly provided a new home for the documents offered, which greatly enriched our collection. The collection is developed by the Institute, but they are willing to accommodate individual preferences as well. The collection primarily seeks to provide assistance for teachers of German, but language learners can find interesting materials, too. Soon new German language newspapers and periodicals will arrive to the collection.

The comfortable Goethe Corner is located in the circulation area, and all the documents found in the collection are available for loan.

Please take some time to visit our Corner, you will not regret it!

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